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We’re back with another article related to rental properties.  The topic of rental property management, as it relates to cleaning, is frequently requested by our readers.

Cleaning when one tenancy ends, before another begins, is a critical component of rental property management.  There’s nothing worse than starting off on the wrong foot with a new tenant when they take possession of a filthy unit.  As the old saying goes – garbage in, garbage out.  Starting a new tenant off with an impeccably clean unit is a great way to set expectations.  Besides, not doing it is just plain lazy!

Carpet cleaning in between tenancies is vital.  It’s especially important if the previous tenant neglected regular vacuuming, had pets, or smoked in the home.  But what other cleaning activities should be done?

One type of cleaning related activity that we want to discuss in detail in this article is having a professional painting crew put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, ceilings, and trim of your rental unit.  A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your unit.  Tenants will notice.  If the unit is going to be vacant for a few days anyway, that’s the perfect time to get a crew in to tackle the job.

You might think to yourself – why don’t I just do the paint job myself? Painting is one of those tasks that frequently gets attempted by do-it-yourselfers. If you have the time and the general wherewithal, then I suppose you could do it yourself. The real question you must ask yourself, however, is why should I do it myself? The value that a professional painting crew brings to your project is significant. First of all, any experienced painting company, like Painters St. Catharines, will have a talented crew of painters that will get your project done quick-time. Imagine 4 professionals painting the entire rental unit, compared to you doing it yourself. If one professional can do the job faster than you, imagine what 4 professionals can do, working in tandem. Secondly, painting is a skill that takes a lot of practice to master. One of the most time-consuming parts of doing a painting job is the prep work before the job – masking off certain areas, filling holes, repairing drywall, and caulking. If you do these types of things every day, you’ll become faster and better at them. For example, a pro painter won’t have to mask off as many areas, because they can cut straight lines by hand. Also, pro painters have tricks for filling holes, repairing drywall, and caulking. These tricks produce high-quality results that take less time than what a do-it-yourselfer could produce.

Almost always, a painting project will take twice as long as a do-it-yourselfer expects, due to unforeseen tasks that come up during the job. It’s not as easy as just brushing and rolling some paint on the walls. There is so much more to an interior painting job, and that’s why we highly recommend unloading this type of work to a pro crew. That will allow you to focus your time on other high-value activities related to your rental property. As we all know, there is never a shortage of work when you’re a landlord, so take our advice and outsource the painting work so you can realize value in other tasks.