There are two types of attachments that the pros use when cleaning your carpet.  The most popular piece of equipment is the high-performance wand, pictured in the image above.  It delivers a thorough cleaning, not just a surface cleaning, that can last one year in most cases.  This wand won’t damage furniture and/or moldings.  No sticky residue or dry chemicals are left behind.

Another equipment option is called the Rotary Jet Extractor, pictured below.  This device is used on extreme soil conditions.  The cleaning head produces 1500 cleaning passes per minute to release deeply embedded soils.  It’s unbeatable for removing dog dander, cooking oils, animal urine and severely worked in soils.  It’s ideal for cleaning churches, wedding halls, commercial halls and municipalities.

So the next time you call on a professional carpet cleaning service, have a good look at the equipment they are using and make sure it’s one of these two pieces.  Otherwise, you won’t get the results you’re paying for!