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Window Cleaning is Not a DIY Job

a woman cleaning a window herself

There are so many reasons why window cleaning is not a DIY job.  Typically, window cleaning is a chore that gets tossed on the back burner.  People procrastinate on it or just avoid it altogether.  It’s a tedious task, but one that is important to preserve the life of your windows, whether it’s your home or your business.

Let’s discuss the most common reasons why you should hire a professional to clean your windows today!

Reason #1: To avoid the dangers of cleaning windows

Cleaning the windows on your house doesn’t just mean the ground floor windows, it means all of them, second story and above!  This means you’ll have to work from a ladder, and it also means you need a ladder tall enough to reach your highest windows.  If you don’t possess such a ladder, you probably don’t have the means to safely transport it from the rental place either.  Do yourself a favour and call a window cleaning pro right now.  Let’s say you have a ladder.  Do you know the best procedures to work with one while at heights, to prevent damage to your property, and most importantly, to yourself?  Pro window cleaners do this for a living so stay safe and call them!

Reason #2: Pros have the right tools for the job

If you have a ladder and you’re comfortable working at heights, what about the rest of the tools for the job?  Do you know what you need to achieve a streak-free finish on your windows, without damaging them?  Most people assume a pressure washer and fancy chemicals are the best tools to clean windows, but that’s not true.  Both of these things can damage your windows and leave ugly streaks.  If you didn’t know this, it’s time to call a professional to do the job right the first time.

just imagine if you didn't have to clean windows yourself

Reason #3: To prolong the lifespan of your windows

The primary benefits of cleaning your windows (letting more light in and being able to see through them better) are obvious.  But what about the not-so-obvious benefits?  Regular cleanings can actually prolong the life of your windows.  This is because a window’s surface can be porous and under a microscope, contains many peaks and valleys.  Over time, these peaks and valleys get filled with dirt, debris and contaminants from pollution in rain water and the air.  Regular cleanings prevent this build-up from causing irreversible damage to the glass.  Think about it this way.  Two houses are side by side.  One house has regular window cleanings and the other does not.  After 5 years, how do you think the windows that have never been cleaned will look?  They will take much longer to clean for the first time and will be impossible to restore to a “like-new” condition.

Reason #4: To make you happier

The most important reason to hire a pro window cleaner is totally an emotional one!  Just think how happy you’ll be when you’re inside your home, looking through sparkling, streak-free windows.  Now combine that with the thought you didn’t have to climb a ladder or use any elbow grease to achieve that view, and the investment in your windows is protected for years to come.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment Basics

There are two types of attachments that the pros use when cleaning your carpet.  The most popular piece of equipment is the high-performance wand, pictured in the image above.  It delivers a thorough cleaning, not just a surface cleaning, that can last one year in most cases.  This wand won’t damage furniture and/or moldings.  No sticky residue or dry chemicals are left behind.

Another equipment option is called the Rotary Jet Extractor, pictured below.  This device is used on extreme soil conditions.  The cleaning head produces 1500 cleaning passes per minute to release deeply embedded soils.  It’s unbeatable for removing dog dander, cooking oils, animal urine and severely worked in soils.  It’s ideal for cleaning churches, wedding halls, commercial halls and municipalities.

So the next time you call on a professional carpet cleaning service, have a good look at the equipment they are using and make sure it’s one of these two pieces.  Otherwise, you won’t get the results you’re paying for!